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ReptiTherm Habitat Heater - 40 W

Zoo Med's ReptiTherm Habitat Heater is an industrial strength heater designed for tortoises and other large reptile cage applications. This 120 Volt, 40 watt heater with LED indicator light will tell you when the heater is "on", and features automatic thermostat protection which shuts the heater off at 119°F (48°C) to prevent overheating. The ReptiTherm Habitat Heater is made from an easy-to-clean, moisture-proof, high density polyethylene plastic for water-resistant operation. Metal protection on the power cord helps prevent damage from tortoises and other animals, and the insulated heater construction reduces heat loss. Mounting rails molded into the heater enable convenient and secure placement on the floor or side of the enclosure. The Zoo Med ReptiTherm Habitat Heater offers an impressive 78-80% electrical savings over other heating devices! 18" x 18"

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