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AquaSun LED HO Aquarium Fixture - 48"

The AquaSun LED HO Aquarium Fixture from Zoo Med is an ultra-versatile, high performance lighting solution for freshwater and marine aquariums. It produces brilliant, crisp light to enhance the appearance of your aquarium and its inhabitants. It also creates a magnificent underwater shimmer effect that mimics the natural sparkle of the sun's rays.

The AquaSun LED HO features an innovative modular design that allows you to customize the light output to suit different applications. Daylight or Plant modules can be easily installed to replace the stock modules (replacement modules sold separately). All modules feature quick connect couplings for effortless installation.

To ensure durability and safe operation in moist environments, the AquaSun LED HO Aquarium Fixture features a low profile external housing made entirely from aluminum (a superior alternative to plastic). Integrated heat sink technology ensures a cool running fixture, while a built-in acrylic splash guard protects the internal components from water damage.

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