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  • Great for axolotls and other amphibians
  • Provides a great source of animal protein
  • Vitamin content supports steady growth
  • Helps your pet to maintain a bright colour
  • Daily feeding stimulates immune systems

Axolotl Sticks - 135 g

Tropical Axolotl Sticks are specialized high-protein food sticks designed for axolotls and other aquatic amphibians. Ideal for amphibians who feed on animal material, Tropical Axolotl Sticks are created from a variety of ingredients of animal origin, including fish, molluscs, and crustaceans, and provide an everyday source of easily-digested animal protein for your pet.

Axolotl Sticks have been developed by Tropical to provide a balanced blend of vitamins and nutrients to promote amphibian growth, and the addition of pepper extract and astaxanthin help enhance colouration. These sticks also contain beta-glucan, a natural immune system stimulator which helps to prevent sickness and aid recovery functions.

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