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ReptiHalogen Heat Lamp - 150 W

The Zoo Med ReptiHalogen Heat Lamp is a powerful heat and light source designed for use in reptile habitats. Boasting an average burn life of 2,000 hours, this long-lasting 150 W light saves you money while helping you replicate your pets' natural environment. It produces more heat, light, and UVA output than traditional basking lamps, and promotes natural behaviors (e.g. breeding) and the general well-being of your reptiles.

The ReptiHalogen Heat Lamp employs halogen technology which enables it to produce brilliant white light and achieve higher temperatures. It enhances the appearance of your reptiles by accentuating their natural colors, and helps establish a temperature gradient to allow thermoregulation. Add a Zoo Med ReptiHalogen Heat Lamp to your terrarium setup to enjoy happier and healthier herps!

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