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Radion G4 LED Lighting System Series

Express optimal lighting performance in your aquarium with the innovative and highly developed 
EcoTech Marine Radion LED G4 Lighting Systems. The newest generation of Radions convey additional color, coverage and control with a sleeker design and quieter operation. New sophisticated optics demonstrates hemispherical edge illumination and do not sacrifice the efficiency of LEDs or power. It works perfectly with the advanced reconfiguration of color clusters to accurately balance color mixing with new warm white and violet colors, bringing optimal color performance in your corals and aquatic life. HEI lenses reduce shadowing by producing a more usable light area which helps the growth and overall health of corals and fish. The physical lighting fixtures have sleek styling with a small footprint and a complete new quiet active cooling and heat sink design. Together, they demonstrate superior heat and cooling dispersion with micro-fins which decreases the airflow and cooling noise. Light fixture settings are fully controllable through EcoSmart Live. This application is updated with the new colors and features, and it allows you to add your existing or new ESL account either by USB or with Reeflink. This application works from any web-based control platform with internet connection such as chrome, firefox, or safari on your tablet, computer or other hand held devices. You can control your equipment anywhere at any time, trusting that your data is backed up and secure in the cloud-based equipment from the EcoTech marine command centre. Application controls allow you to customize or create lighting modes, light intensity, lunar phases and more.

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