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Experience the one-of-a-kind capabilities of the MP60wQD, with its impressive ability to communicate with other pumps, be accessed wirelessly from anywhere in the world, and its variety of continuous operational modes! With the preinstalled RF module, all "w" denominated VorTech pumps are able to work together with up to 8 pumps, to sync, anti-sync, or form coordinated modes. These models are also fully compatible with EcoTechs web-based command center, ReefLink (sold separately) which provides unprecedented control from anywhere in the globe.

The ReefLink uses integrated RF technology to wirelessly communicate with your Ecotech products (no adapters required!). It is capable of managing equipment on a single aquarium or on multiple systems simultaneously. It even installs new features and updates automatically, so you can spend more time enjoying your breathtaking reefscape. Pick up your ReefLink today, and harness the full potential of your favorite Ecotech Marine products.

The Vectra S1 Centrifugal Pump by EcoTech Marine is an extremely intelligent, advanced and modern return pump, with numerous special characteristics allowing you to have full control over your aquarium through the high-tech selections while it operates in silence. Installation and disassembly for this pump is designed flexible, quick and easy. The Vectra S1 is able to rotate the volute of the pump in order to adapt for plumbing setup. QuickCouple components allow you to clean and make adjustments with no headache, made with British standard pipe threading.

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