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Glass Terrarium - 35" x 18" x 35"

This habitat is the next best thing to living in the wild! The Reptile Treasures Glass Terrarium is the perfect residence for small to large sized reptiles, including chameleons, geckos, lizards, or snakes. The fantastic height of this habitat is ideal for climbing, which is especially great for tree-dwelling species!

Each habitat has been constructed with glass, and a tough screen top, providing ventilation and allowing UVB and infrared penetration. For convenience, the screen top is removable and the large doors swing open, simplifying the decorating and cleaning processes.

The Reptile Treasures Terrarium has a raised bottom that is perfect for mounting a substrate heater, and the extra high, fixed front window is ideal for laying thick layers of substrates. The Reptile Treasures Terrarium also features a built-in latch on the doors, ensuring your pet won't rip, claw, or push their way out! 35" x 18" x 35"

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