This is a epiphytic plant, slow grower with nice heart shaped leaves.It prefers to be mounted on wood. It can also be potted up in orchid mix as it likes...
This extremely rare peperomia from colombia is a great larger species, it vines and climbs fairly easily.With its attractive tear dropped foliage it surely is a peperomia any collector should...
Slow growing shingling plant. It is a rare plant. plants offered have 5 leaves + 
This marcgravia from Suriname is a fast grower. It shoots out in multiple directions.perfect for a vviarium background.plants offered have 8-10 leaves.
What you see is what you get.
This is one of my favorite philodendrons. Large leaves with white markings make this philodendron stand out among others.Plants offered are fully rooted and have 2-5 leaves.
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