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Orbit IC LED -

The Current USA Orbit IC LED lighting system incorporates motion weather and forecasting effects through 4 channels of color and 3 channel wave pump controls. The 24 hour wireless controls imitate Mother Nature's sunrise, sunset and moonlight while demonstrating life-like roll-clouds. These unique IC LED roll-cloud effects move horizontally across your tank with random lighting strikes, truly revolutionizing the hobbyist experience. Visualize the amazing florescence, 90 degree optics and excellent full spectrum. It will noticeably enhance coral growth and create a beautiful aquarium environment like no other. Each Orbit IC LED system comes with pre-installed adjustable docking legs, mounting clips along with a 12VDC UL approved transformer. It also provides you with the LOOP IC Controller which is suited to control 2 lights and 3 pumps. The included Wireless Remote Control is super easy to understand and effortlessly applies your demands to your lighting fixture. Lastly the Orbit IC Light Manifold HUB and complete instructions will be provided, assuring that your setup is smooth, quick and simple. Sizes are available for tanks from 18" to 72" in length.

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